How are the Jukebox soaps different from Dr. Squatch?

Both Jukebox and Dr. Squatch soaps are made using the cold process method with natural ingredients. The recipes are similar, but we made some swaps to the oils, changes to the bar shape and size, and leaned into feminine fragrances in order to make natural bar soaps that are ideal for women and their needs in the shower. For example, Jukebox traded palm oil for castor oil in order to get a creamier lather that is perfect for shaving legs. The Jukebox bar is a rectangle instead of square and slightly smaller (only .5 oz) in order to fit more easily into a woman’s hand. Jukebox also decorates some bars with textured swirls, salts, and flower buds – this requires a slab mold method that is more labor intensive but produces gorgeous results. You can see these in our Pink Champagne, Lavender Fields Forever, and Rose Hips Don’t Lie soaps. 

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