What bundles do you offer?

Want to try a few different soaps but not sure what to choose?

Check out our premade starter bundles - each bundle below contains three soaps and a Soap Saver to up your shower game at $7 OFF retail!

Squatch Bundle: From the verdant plains to the shining seas of Squatch Nation, our Squatch Bundle lets you try out our Pine Tar, Crisp IPA, and Deep Sea Goat’s Milk bars - some of the best Squatch has to offer.

Forest Bundle: Get that rugged, woodsy feeling every time you step in the shower with the Pine Tar and Gold Moss bars featured in our Forest Bundle.

Clean Bundle: The Cool Fresh Aloe, Rainforest Rapids, and Spearmint Basil bars in our Clean Bundle will get you feeling fully refreshed and squeaky clean!

Beach Bundle: Inspired by days spent with toes in the sand and a cold drink in hand, our Beach Bundle contains our Crisp IPA, Nautical Sage, and Bay Rum bars.

If you’re looking to try a custom bundle, check out our Soap Quiz! Once you’ve finished, you’ll get a custom bundle offer based on your answers from the quiz!

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