Is there a Dr. Squatch Discord Server?

Yes! The Doc has his own Discord frequently referenced to as the Squatch-Cord. The server is open to whoever is interested! Take a look below to see some of the benefits of being a part of the sudsiest server around! 

  • Interaction with other Squatchers: Interact with a wide range of Squatchers from those who are just starting out on their Squatch journey or those who have reached Scrub Club status! 
  • Discord Giveaways: Enter into giveaways to win a range of Dr. Squatch products! 
  • Leaderboard Competition: You have the chance to place in the top 5 of the Discord Leaderboard! Winners receive prizes that range from store credit to Dr. Squatch products. 
  • Feedback & Suggestions: Provide feedback and suggestions directly to Dr. Squatch team members! Direct pipeline for your voice to be heard and potentially shape the direction of Squatch! 

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