What is your Reseller Agreement? [Wholesale Customers]

Dr. Squatch devotes a significant amount of time, energy, and resources towards ensuring the quality of its products and protecting the value of its brands, names, and reputation. Dr. Squatch has implemented the following brand and quality controls in order to protect the quality and value of its products and brands, and requests your careful attention and compliance with the same.

Reseller(s) must clearly and conspicuously state in each Dr. Squatch Product listing that the Products are exclusively for purchase and use by End Users. “End User” as used herein refers to the individual final person or entity that has acquired a Dr. Squatch Product for its own internal or personal use and not for further resale, remarketing, or distribution. Reseller(s) must further state that they are not an agent of Dr. Squatch, and are not authorized to bind Dr. Squatch in any way whatsoever.

Reseller(s) must clearly and conspicuously state in each product listing that the Dr. Squatch Products are subject to Dr. Squatch’s quality control program, and further state that (1) any further resale, remarketing or distribution by Purchaser(s) will result in voiding Dr. Squatch’s satisfaction guarantee and (2) any and all warranties whatsoever, either express or implied, from Dr. Squatch.

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