How can I recycle my Dr. Squatch packaging?

If you're looking to recycle the packaging from your orders, have no fear - the Doctor's got you covered.

Bubble Mailers

All of our bubble mailers can be recycled at participating drop-off locations in your local area. To find out more information about locations that will accept packaging in your area, you can visit the following link: Drop-Off Locations

Just enter your ZIP/postal code in the Drop Off Directory search bar and you'll be provided with a list of locations in your area that will take bubble mailers off of your hands.


Cardboard boxes are generally recyclable in curbside recycling programs. All you need to do is flatten the box and remove tape/labels before depositing it into your recycling bin. If you're unsure whether or not your curbside recycling program accepts cardboard boxes, you can always check with local officials in your area!

Thanks for contributing to sustainability efforts and helping to protect our environment!

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