What exactly are the Dr. Squatch liquid soaps?

Both of our versatile liquid soaps, Crisp Citrus and Mountain Mist, are considered castile soap made from natural oils (coconut, olive, and sunflower)! Our liquid castile soap is not only vegan and biodegradable, it’s unbelievably useful and effective for different reasons.

What are the benefits, you ask?

Our natural liquid soaps work just as hard as you do. It gives your skin the moisturizing and cleansing feeling without all the harsh chemicals that other store bought hand soaps (often resemble synthetic detergent) usually contain. Our Crisp Citrus and Mountain Mist liquid soap fights off the grime and germs while remaining gentle on your skin. Whether your skin is sensitive or easily irritated, the coconut oil gently cleanses as ingredients like tea tree and aloe leave your skin feeling refreshed.

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