How should I apply Dr. Squatch cologne?

Our colognes can be applied in the same way as other colognes you may have used before. Our bottles use a cap that allows for individual drops to be dispensed. Just flip it upside down and dispense 2-3 drops on your wrists or fingers. Then, dab it on your pulse points AKA key points on your body that circulate blood:

  • Right below your jawline
  • Behind your ears
  • Chest near your throat
  • Wrists

Our colognes take on a unique scent once applied to your body, mingling with your man musk and natural pheromones to create something distinctly you. Notice the gradually-changing aromas as the base oils begin to soak into your skin. Our cologne will cling to oily skin complexions longer. If your skin is a little more on the dry side, feel free to apply more. Please, for the love of everyone around you, do not drown yourself in it!

SIDE NOTE: Many members of Squatch Nation use our colognes as beard oils as well! A two-for-one situation! Our colognes are comprised of mainly essential oils, which can be beneficial when used on the beard directly. When applied as a beard oil, the cologne's scent is almost amplified. The beard does not absorb the cologne the same way that your skin will, transforming your face friend into a makeshift scent diffuser.

REMEMBER: Review ingredients list just as you would with any other cologne - do a spot test on your wrists to identify any allergy flare-ups before applying it all over!

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