What is your purchaser agreement?

Dr. Squatch devotes a significant amount of time, energy, and resources towards ensuring the quality of its products and protecting the value of its brands, names, and reputation. Dr. Squatch has implemented the following brand and quality controls in order to protect the quality and value of its products and brands, and requests your careful attention and compliance with the same. 

Sales of Dr. Squatch Products via this site are exclusively for purchase and use by End Users. “End User” as used herein refers to the individual final person or entity that has acquired a Dr. Squatch Product for its own internal or personal use and not for resale, remarketing, or distribution. Purchaser(s) agree that any purchase of Dr. Squatch Products shall be only for enjoyment by End Users.  

Purchaser(s) shall not resell or transfer Dr. Squatch Products obtained via this site, including to any person that Purchaser(s) know or have reason to know intends to resell the Dr. Squatch Products.  

Purchaser(s) shall not be permitted to obtain a quantity of Dr. Squatch Products that is greater than that generally purchased by an End User, and Dr. Squatch expressly reserves the right to refuse sales to any Purchaser(s) attempting to circumvent Dr. Squatch’s quality and/or brand controls.   

Any violation of these controls will result in Dr. Squatch’s satisfaction guarantee and warranty, if any, to become null and void.

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