How does my USPS order tracking work?

Want to learn more about the specifics of your tracking information? Check out the info below!

Tracking History: Clicking on the "Tracking History" tab for items that are shipped by USPS will allow you to see your orders movement from facility to delivery.

This tab is located directly under the tabs that say “Text & Email Updates” and “Delivery Instructions”. 

These are what each of the different statuses mean when you are viewing the “Tracking History”:

Shipping Label Created: This means the shipping label has been created for your order and it should be handed off to our third-party shipping partner soon.

Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item: This means that your item was picked up by our third-party shipping partner, who will transport the item to your local USPS hub, and pass it off to USPS for “final mile” delivery. The delivery status will usually update once the status has been transferred to USPS and/or is out for delivery.

Arrived at USPS Origin Facility: This means that the package has been delivered to a USPS facility and is waiting to be processed so it can get into the hands of your local USPS delivery people.

Departed USPS Facility: This means that the package is being moved from one facility to another, or to your local post office. Once the order reaches your local regional facility, it should be out for delivered very soon!

Here's what your tracking confirmation page will look like in your account:

From there, you can click on your 'Tracking Number' to be taken to USPS's tracking page, which looks like this:

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