Why should I use an all-natural cologne?

A majority of colognes currently on the market are synthetic and are comprised of man-made fragrances. In the late 19th century, cologne makers started replacing natural oils with synthetic alternatives to be more cost-effective. By doing so, cologne can be mass-produced overseas for half the cost. Those petrochemicals that the synthetic alternatives contain are created in industrial factories – the petroleum-based products in those colognes are absorbed into your bloodstream. When that happens, your kidneys have to do extra work to break them down!

On the other hand, our natural colognes are made from plant-derived ingredients harvested from the Earth – all-natural oils extracted from plants using distilled water. The absence of synthetics allows our colognes to blend harmoniously with your natural man musk to create a fragrance unique to you. Not only are these oils much safer than petrochemicals and less irritating for those with sensitive skin, many of the essential oils in our colognes have additional benefits for your skin and overall health!

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