How do I change my subscription's frequency?

Updated 5 months ago by Dr. Squatch

PLEASE NOTE: If you're looking to skip your next renewal, please check out this guide. If you're looking to change the DATE of your next renewal, please contact us.

Changing the frequency of your subscription is a few clicks away:

  1. Log in to your account dashboard.
  2. Click EDIT below your subscription.
  3. Choose from the following depending on what kind of subscription you have:
    1. Soap Subscription

      2/month — 3/month

      3/quarter — 6/quarter — 9/quarter

      Hair Care Kit Subscription

      1/quarter — 2/quarter — 3/quarter

      Shampoo Subscription

      1/quarter — 2/quarter — 3/quarter

      Conditioner Subscription

      1/quarter — 2/quarter — 3/quarter

  4. If you are selecting an increased or decreased amount of soaps, please make sure to select the appropriate number of scents, then click CONFIRM in the pop-up to change your subscription frequency. Otherwise, you can click CHANGE at the bottom of the page.

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