Shipping - My Package Tracking is Stuck!

Help - My Package Tracking is Stuck!

So you've been waiting for a few days, and your package doesn't seem to be moving? We know this can be very frustrating, and we certainly understand how you feel!

The most common scenario is that your tracking link shows that your package has not yet left Hebron, KY. Hebron, KY is where our regional shipping facility is located, and almost all of our packages are routed through there.

When this occurs, it can be caused by your package not being scanned before departing the facility, and was instead manually routed to the sorting facility nearest your address. This prevents the tracking from being updated, however, when your package is scanned next, it will likely be within the same state as your shipping address.

From our experience, we know that these packages will still be delivered on time in 95% of all cases. So if this occurs, we ask you to patiently wait and eventually the tracking information for your order will be updated and the package will be delivered. In the event that you do not receive your order by or before the 5th business day or your order shipping, please feel free to notify us using the contact section of our website!