Product Inquiry - How should I apply the Dr. Squatch cologne?

The colognes can be applied the same as other colognes you may have used. Colognes take on different scents when applied to your body so make sure to smell it once applied instead of straight from the bottle. Also, notice they gradually change aromas with time as the base oils begin to soak into your skin. 

Many members of the Squatch Nation use our colognes as beard oils. This is due to the fact that our colognes are comprised mainly of essential oils that can be beneficial when used on the beard directly.

The interesting part of this is, when applied as a beard oil, the cologne's scent can in some ways be amplified as it is not given the chance to be absorbed by clothing or the skin, but is instead held by the beard. Turning one's beard into a makeshift scent diffuser.

And if you are not too interested in using your facial hair to hold the cologne, there are a couple of key areas called “pulse points” that a man should hit while applying his cologne. Generally speaking, your chest, mainly around the base of your throat, is the best place to apply 1-2 drops of fragrance. This allows the cologne to mingle with your own natural odors and pheromones, creating something distinctly  you

Our colognes currently utilize a type of stopper/cap which allows for individual drops of cologne to be dispensed from the cologne bottle.

Additionally, a dab of cologne under each ear will surely grab the attention of anyone nearby. Some may even apply cologne to their wrists, just remember not to rub the cologne into your skin as the friction will break down the molecules causing the fragrance to dissipate quicker.

Another aspect to be mindful of while applying cologne is your skin moisturization level. Fragrances tend to cling to individuals with oily skin complexions longer than those with drier skin, which soaks up the scent. Therefore, if you have dry skin, feel free to apply a little extra cologne remembering not to drown yourself in it (we have a habit of doing that)! And as with any cologne, it is best to review the ingredients as to ensure that no preexisting allergies are activated or triggered by the ingredients included (if no preexisting allergy exists, it is best to test the cologne on the wrist before applying to the rest of the body).

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