How will my order be shipped?

Updated 8 months ago by Pine Tar Connoisseur

Surprisingly, our Sasquatches aren't the most dependable deliverymen. We've partnered with Pitney Bowes in the US to get you your packages!

Once you place an order with standard shipping, your package processes within 1-3 business days and should be delivered in a 3-7 business day delivery window once it ships.

We also offer USPS Priority Mail and FedEx 2-Day shipping for additional fees, in case you need expedited shipping!

Large orders may be shipped via UPS Ground or Fedex Ground and will also arrive in 5-10 business days. You'll also be receiving a shipping confirmation email to track your order!

Ground shipping to Canada is done through USPS and Canada Post, and tracked by Asendia. Expect packages shipping to Canada to be processed within 1-3 days and be delivered in 14-21 days.

International shipping for the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand is done through USPS Priority Mail. Rates are calculated based on your country and the order size. Expect international deliveries to arrive in 2-3 business weeks — it may be a little sooner or a little later depending on your location!

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