Product Inquiry - How is Dr. Squatch soap different from commercial "soap"?

Many brand-name “soaps” are not soaps at all, rather they are detergents, hence the quotes. Large companies remove a by-product of the soap making process called glycerin and instead add chemicals to make up for this. The list of chemicals in some “soaps” can be unnerving. Glycerin is worth more to them in lotions and other products as it provides many of the soothing and moisturizing properties that are important in soap. 

Here at Dr. Squatch, we make soap the old-fashioned way by using the cold-process method, which allows glycerin to form naturally in our bars so that our members receive a quality product that helps nourish and protect their skin! And as our soaps are created using plant-based oils, the glycerin contained within each bar is plant-derived!

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