Order Issue - I'm missing an item

Here is a quick guide on how to locate items that may be missing from your shipment:

Your item may be on backorder, meaning that it was out-of-stock when purchased. 
2.) When this occurs, we opt to send everything else that was available for your order.
3.) To tell if your item was on backorder, you'll see a mark on your packing slip that looks like the image attached below (crossed out or zeroed out).
4.) In this case, we'll ship the back-ordered item out to you as soon as we have it available (items are typically restocked and shipped 24-48 hours later).

Other Issues:
In rare cases, we can make mistakes (as our shipping department is only human).
2.) In the event that you are missing something from your order, and the item isn't back-ordered,  rest  assured that we'll do whatever is necessary to make the situation right. Should this occur, feel free to reach out to us using the contact section of our website! 

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