Account - How to reset the password for your account

This guide explains how to reset the password for your account:

1.) Go to the password reset page:

2.) Enter the e-mail address associated with your account (Please make sure your e-mail address is accurate):

3.) Select the submit button featured above once you have entered in your e-mail address:

4.) Check your e-mail inbox for the password reset e-mail:

a.) The password reset e-mail should be received within 2-5 minutes. If you do not see it within this time frame, please feel free to check your spam folder or use the search bar on your inbox to locate an e-mail titled as "Here's how to reset your password".
b.) The link to create your new password expires after 24 hours (this is for security reasons). If you didn't get a chance to change it within 24 hours of the password reset e-mail being sent, please go back to step 1 to send a new password reset e-mail to your e-mail address.

5.) Once you have located your password reset e-mail, enter your new password twice using the form provided and select "Submit" (if you change your mind or don't click "Submit", your password will not be updated).

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